That was a doctor.

Karl Pilkington’s Chimp Doctors
The Ricky Gervais Show (XFM-London)

During Karl Pilkington’s “Monkey News” segment he told quite an exotic tale. There was a man who didn’t have much money but he needed eye surgery. 

Luckily he found an advertisement for “Cheap Doctors” … or so he thought.

Pilkipedia’s take on the news:

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“After the surgery, the patient wakes up, his vision restored. The patient wants to see the doctor to thank him, but the nurse says it’s not necessary. They argue about it so loudly that the doctor comes out to see what is going on. Turns out it’s a little monkey. The patient is confused. Why is a monkey there? The nurse says, the advert read “Chimp Doctors”, so he shouldn’t be surprised. The monkey carried on working for a few years.”


  • “Don’t talk sh*t all your life!!!” (Ricky, screaming at Karl)
  • “IT? The doctor’s had 7 years medical training – don’t call it ‘IT’!” (Ricky, after Karl calls the eye doctor “It” instead of “He” or “She.”